2015 at the Universal Peace Movement’s International Hap KI Do Han Ki Do and Sun Do Academy

2015 is a special year for the Universal Peace Movement- it’s the year in which Grand Master Hur Nan Kimm Yong- Sup turns eighty. This year of celebration had a kick- start in February when a small group of senior students gathered to give their heart felt congratulations to their Grand Master. Expect some more opportunities to celebrate Grand Master Kimm’s 80th Birthday as the year rolls along!

At eighty Grand master Kimm shows no sign of slowing down. December 2014-January 2015 and on invitation from Kim Hak-Jae founder of the Earth Life Remediation Association and Mrs Maumi, chair of the Japanese branch of ELRA, Grand master Kimm embarked on a very busy five week stint in Korea and Japan. The purpose of the tour was to join a small team from the ELRA in the preparation and delivery of a three-day seminar on Immaterial and Metaphysical energy. A very enthusiastic Japanese audience of nearly two hundred attended the seminar, held in the province of Niigada.

Watch out for similar seminars to be conducted in Australia in the not too distant future.

The connection between the Universal Peace Movement Foundation and the Earth Life Remediation Association is strong. Kim Hak-Jae and four of his colleagues journeyed to Australia in 2012 to support the Universal Peace Movement Foundation’s very successful Universal Ancient Wisdom Bringing New Horizons function. Delegates from thirty-six countries supported the function that raised $10,000 to contribute to the redevelopment of Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum and the establishment of the ‘First Peoples’ permanent installation. Before the Korean ELRA delegation returned to Korea, Grand master Kimm lead them on a study and research tour in Darwin.

Universal Ancient Wisdom bringing new Horizons Function