Grand Master Kimm featured in the Moreland Leader

Master of peace Octogenarian black belt Kimm Yong Sup has notched up an impressive milestone — he has entered his 40th year of serving the community. The peace ambassador and hapkido grand master has improved the health and wellbeing of the thousands of people who have set foot in his dojang. See the front page and article

Special ceremony for those receiving their 1st Dan Black Belt and Certificate

We have had a very special ceremony for our members who received their 1st Dan Black Belt and Certificate on 17th April, 2016. This was a very significant and special time for the club, when we honoured our members at our Headquarters.    

Grand Master Hur-Nan Kimm’s 81st Birthday

Grand Master Hur-Nan Kimm had an informal gathering to help celebrate his 81st Birthday. It was a fantastic night with lots of good food and light entertainment. Grand Master Hur-Nan Kimm was presented with a box of special individual hand written cards with lovely messages and well wishes. A special present is on the way which is called the Ba Dook from Korea and Grand Master Hur-Nan Kimm will receive it on behalf of the Universal Peace foundation. The Ba Dook ( Go Game ) is a tradititional game played for over 2500 years will become part of the Universal Peace...

Hapkido Grading

Congratulations to all those who attended the additional Hapkido Grading on 5th December 2015. It was smaller in size but big in effort from all members who participated. Well Done !!!!

2015 at the Universal Peace Movement’s International Hap KI Do Han Ki Do and Sun Do Academy

2015 is a special year for the Universal Peace Movement- it’s the year in which Grand Master Hur Nan Kimm Yong- Sup turns eighty. This year of celebration had a kick- start in February when a small group of senior students gathered to give their heart felt congratulations to their Grand Master. Expect some more opportunities to celebrate Grand Master Kimm’s 80th Birthday as the year rolls along!

Recent Grading & Belt Presentation

Congratulations to all our members who recently graded, everyone put in a big effort especially the kids group. We are proud of our members and encourage you all to keep going please.