Hapkido for children

Message from Grand Master Kimm:

“I believe that the Children in all countries of the world are our fresh and bright hope for the future. The physical, mental and spiritual health of our World’s Children will determine the future of peace for our Earth and the Universe.

The natural way for our children to learn, train, and discover is through their experience with Mother Nature and through the love and dedicated guidance of parents, teachers and friends.

Children are very adaptable impressionable beings, with great potential, so it is important for them to be educated according to honourable principles.

Fortunately, Hap Ki Do, as taught at our Universal Peace Training Academy, is a traditional martial art with strong philosophical principles, such as Ryu Wan Hwa (water principle) which will help children to develop persistence, confidence and endurance.”

— Grand Master Hur Nan Kimm Yong-Sup


Children’s classes

Children will enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that is generated when training as part of a group. Parents will appreciate the balance of individual and group tuition that children receive and the attention given to safety, self discipline and fun during the 60 minutes classes. These classes are a great way for kids to positively offset the effects of today’s lifestyle of video games, computers and fast food.

  • Self Discipline
  • Fun and friendship
  • Safe environment
  • Confidence
  • Self Motivation
  • Physical fitness
  • Courtesy
  • Self Defence

Children’s class times can be viewed by clicking on the Class Timetable. Why not call us on 1300 850 758 to speak to an instructor about your child attending a trial class?