Universal Ancient Wisdom bringing New Horizons

A celebration of 35 years of the International Hap Ki Do, Han Ki Do and Sun Do Federation and it’s work for Universal Peace

Hilton Hotel Melbourne Australia – 25 October 2012

Nearly 400 guests gathered at the Hilton Hotel for a special celebration marking 35 years of the International Hap Ki Do, Han Ki Do and Sun Do Federation and its work for Universal Peace.

A remarkable 36 countries were represented at the event, with a further 700 people from overseas and interstate demonstrating their support by registering their names for collation and display. Many overseas participants also made donations in support of the cause.

The many people whose names appeared on the list and those who attended the function in person all shared equally in the special energy that was attracted for this gathering.

Aunty Carolyn Briggs honoured the audience with a traditional Welcome to Country ceremony – then under the expert guidance of MCs Lisa Maza and John Kim the night came alive with words of wisdom, music and song – courtesy of local and international artists and guest speakers.

Greg Sheridan, (Foreign Affairs Editor for The Australian) and the Venerable Rathana Thera (MP in the Sri Lankan parliament and Principal of Sri Lankan Monks University) offered their unique narratives for the night and together with Peter Rotumah, Hong Eun-Na-Re, Albare Travel Diary, the Korean Sa mul No Ri team, DJ Craig Nicholls and the Universal Peace demonstration team, they provided a feast for the soul. The Hilton did a magnificent job of catering food and beverage.

Complimenting the 35th year celebration, the spirit of the event was focused on acknowledging and honoring the ancient wisdom of Indigenous peoples from all cultures, recognizing that their wisdom holds a special connection with the Universe.

Founder of the Universal Peace Movement Foundation, Grand Master Hur Nan Kimm Yong- Sup, said: “From today let’s start to research and develop the wisdom of our Ancestors from all corners of the earth.”

Other dignitaries and leaders agreed, including President Earth Life Remediation Association (ELRA) Kim Hak-Jae. “We need to research more deeply into Universal fundamental energy, discover and understand fundamental truths and principles of management that modern science cannot reach and reach out to Indigenous people of the planet to discuss ways in which we can overcome the dangers we face in the present.”

In the spirit of the event a ‘humble’ $10,000 was contributed towards the redevelopment of Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum and the establishment of the ‘First Peoples’ permanent installation.

Following the function the Korean delegation from ELRA accompanied Grand Master Hur Nan Kimm Yong- Sup on a successful research/ study tour to Darwin before returning to Korea.

The evening closed and the crowd dispersed. The seeds of inspiration had been planted, some will manifest as unique contributions to a vision that was so lovingly painted. The work of the Universal Peace Movement Foundation continues.